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  • Self-adhesive Iron Storage Shelf  550
    1. This HarMaalWala store shelf is made of strong iron and looks great with its careful painting.
    2. It’s simple but stylish, saving space and making your place look better.
    3. It has holes to let water out, so it’s good for the kitchen or bathroom.
    4. You can use it to tidy up your kitchen stuff or keep your shower things in order.
    5. Each pack has one iron shelf to help you organize. Perfect for online shopping!
  • Easy-to-Lift Water Bottle Lifter for 19-Liter  225

    “HarMaalWala store sells online, offers shopping for a durable water bottle lifter. Made of strong Polypropylene, it has a versatile handle for easy carrying by one or two people. The handle has a non-slip grip and comes in assorted colors. It’s designed to fit standard 19-liter water bottles. Each package contains 1 lifter.”

  • Waterproof AC Cover Parachute  480

    HarMaalWala store offers top-notch parachute covers for air conditioners in Pakistan. Whether you have a regular or DC inverter AC, our covers are perfect for shielding them from winter elements like rain and debris. These covers are made of waterproof parachute material, ensuring your AC stays dry. They also help you avoid costly summer maintenance, extend your AC’s lifespan, and come with secure straps. Get dust-resistant and water-resistant AC covers now in a set of 2 pieces for ultimate protection.

  • Dust-proof, smaller in size bag organizer  375

    This is a storage bag made from a durable material called nonwoven transparency polyvinyl. It comes in two colors: grey and black (depending on availability). The size is approximately 12.2 x 11.8 x 35.43 inches.

    It’s 100% brand new and of excellent quality, despite being affordable. This handbag organizer is better than what you’ll find in local stores.

    It’s from the Elite brand and includes a 6-slot handbag organizer with a hanging hook in the package.

    You can buy it from the HarMaalWala online store for convenient online shopping.

  • Set of 5 - Travel Shoe Organizer Storage Bags  750

    Get the HarMaalWala store’s waterproof shoe pouch for easy shoe transport and storage. It’s compact, dustproof, and great for travel. This bag saves space, is lightweight, and has a mesh front for shoes. Size: 34x14x9 cm. Use it for shoes, swim gear, socks, or laundry. Keep things tidy while on the go with this waterproof shoe pouch from the online store. Ideal for travel.

  • Water bottle with ice cube compartment  529

    Discover a sleek, slender 650ml water bottle at HarMaalWala store – perfect for both online shopping and their online store. It’s spill-proof, safe (no harmful materials), and BPA-free for your well-being. Lightweight and portable, ideal for the gym, outdoor fun, or everyday use. Simple to clean and versatile for workouts, jogging, or office use.

  • Notebook set of 4 pc for kids learning  649

    Introducing our amazing picture books that make learning to write fun for kids! These books have a special 3D design that helps kids write neatly. They come with bright colors and adorable pictures to make learning even more exciting. Kids can practice writing without any stress using our special disappearing pens. These books are great for young learners and help them get better at English.

    Order now and see how your child’s writing gets even better!

  • Set of 4 heavy-duty furniture lifters  2,055

    Product Details:

    Material: Iron and ABS Plastic
    Color: Vibrant Red
    Ideal Use: Effortlessly Move Heavy Items and More

    Unique Traits:
    – This device boasts a robust ABS pulley with eight durable mini pulleys on each one, providing unparalleled strength and flexibility.
    – Enjoy 360° rotation with anti-slip pads, ensuring that moving objects becomes a breeze while conserving your energy.
    – Lift with ease! The lifter rocker supports are designed at a perfect 90° angle to prevent any unnecessary dragging.
    – Thanks to its ergonomic handle, you can comfortably grip and operate this tool with ease.

  • Set of 12 double-sided adhesive wall hooks  1,800

    Get more room for your stuff without buying extra shelves. Just grab a box with a flat bottom and a sticky hook that splits in two. You can take off the box and put it back on the wall whenever you want. It’s super easy to use.

    12X PC

  • Multipurpose SOGO foam cleaner 650ml  675

    Foam Cleaner – Single Unit
    Excellent Material
    Top-notch Quality
    Exactly Matches the Image

  • Thermal digital mini portable digital photo printer  4,500

    Digital Photo Printer :

    Thermal digital mini portable photo children printer, AirPrint thermal label printer for children gifts pocket thermal printer
    1. Portable Design: The Mini Portable Printer is designed with children in mind. It’s small, lightweight, and easy to carry, making it a great tool for on-the-go creativity and sharing.
    2. Thermal Printing: Say goodbye to messy ink cartridges and toners. This printer uses thermal printing technology, which means no ink is needed. Kids can print photos without the worry of stains or spills.
  • Customized nameplate holders for office desks  2,500

    Customize a premium crystal desk name plate with engraving for your office business needs.

    Elevate your office space with Customized Office Desk Nameplate Holders – Slant Back. They combine functionality, personalization, and aesthetics to create a polished and professional atmosphere in any work setting. Make a lasting impression with these elegant desk accessories.

  • -13%Limited
    Electric automatic cotton candy maker Original price was: ₨ 11,500.Current price is: ₨ 10,000.

    Electric Automatic Cotton Candy Maker – the sweetest addition to your home or event! Create fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth cotton candy with ease and watch the smiles light up on everyone’s faces.

  • Automatic bubble maker electric bubble gun  1,800

    Electric Bubble Gun Automatic Bubble Maker – the ultimate source of joy and excitement for your summer outdoor activities!

  • Customized Wall Photo Frame  3,200

    Customized 5 Piece Split Wall Frame – the perfect way to transform your space into a personalized haven of art and memories.

  • Personalized Wooden Name Plate  2,400

    Constructed from high-quality, durable wood, each nameplate is designed to withstand the test of time, both indoors and outdoors.

  • Personalized Islamic wall artwork  2,499

    Elevate your living space with a touch of elegance and devotion, as we combine the beauty of Islamic calligraphy and design with the uniqueness of personalization.

  • Flexible mini USB LED light lamp  999

    Designed to effortlessly enhance your workspace, this compact and adaptable LED lamp is the perfect solution for laptops, keyboards, and power banks.

  • Personalize a wooden dairy  1,999

    🌟Your favorite Text
    🌟Your Picture engrave
    🌟Best prize

  • Premium quality bags for distributing Eid Ul Adha meat  360

    1 KG Capacity 25 Bags

    Our premium quality bags are made from durable and food-grade materials, which are carefully selected to maintain the freshness and quality of the meat. The bags are spacious enough to accommodate a generous amount of meat, allowing for easy storage and transportation.

    With their strong construction and secure sealing, these bags provide excellent protection against leakage, odors, and contamination, giving you peace of mind when distributing the meat to your loved ones, friends, and neighbors. They are also conveniently designed with handles for comfortable carrying.

  • Triple Paper Dispenser for Cling Film Wrap  2,800

    Triple Paper Dispenser for Cling Film Wrap + Aluminium Foil + Paper Roll Holder

    Fixing screws included.

    Made from PS High Quality Plastic

    Available in Vibrant Colors

    Material: PS Plastic

    Shape: Rectangle

    Package Contents: 1 Roll N Roll Piece

  • Kids Eidi Picture Card  450

    Kids Eidi Picture Card

    🌜 4 Designs

    🌜 Required Name & Picture

    🌜 Each Card Size 4×6 Inches

    🌜 Making Required 2 & 3 Working Days

  • Kids Eid Mubarak Eidi Envelopes  500

    Kids Eid Mubarak Amazing Cartoon Eidi Envelopes

    10 Pcs per Envelope Pack

    1 Pack Different Design




    Easy to Use

  • Standard Tub and Wall Caulk Strip  2,000

    Standard Tub and Wall Caulk Strip

    Color = White.

    Item weight = 290 Grams.

    Surface recommendation = drywall.

  • Now Unique Crystal Lamp  3,000

    Now Unique Crystal Lamp

    Dimmable Acrylic Crystal Cordless Table Lamps.

    Remote Control Table Lamp for Crystal Décor & Bedroom Décor.

    The refracting crystal lamp is sparkling and colorful.

  • -40%Limited
    Buy New Double Sided Tape Box
    Latest Multifunctional Double Sided Tape Box Original price was: ₨ 1,000.Current price is: ₨ 600.

    Latest Multifunctional Double Sided Tape Box

    Each mounting tape for walls is designed in the strip style.

    Our double-sided tape is made of high-quality PVC, very strong and durable. No need curing or drying, sticks instantly very convenient.

  • -38%Limited
    Buy New Vinyl Self Wall Paper Waterproof.
    Buy New Vinyl Self Wall Paper Waterproof.
    Vinyl Self Wall Paper Waterproof Original price was: ₨ 1,700.Current price is: ₨ 1,050.

    Vinyl Self Wall Paper Waterproof

    Waterproof – protecting the house from corrosion.

    Anti-fouling grease from stains, easy to clean.

    High temperature wear resistant – PVC-polymer material, high temperature, not easy to wear, longer life expectancy.

    Don’t be Wicked Edge – self adhesive, tough paste.

    Easy to clean – wipe gently with a paper towel or rag.

    Size: 60cm x 2 Meter.

  • -47%Limited
    Buy New Super Waterproof Aluminum Tape
    Super Waterproof Aluminum Tape Original price was: ₨ 1,500.Current price is: ₨ 800.

    Super Waterproof Aluminum Tape

    Our leak proof tape is built with high quality butyl rubber and provides a durable bond at low and high temperatures.

    Comformable backing and pressure sensitive adhesive means it will adhere properly to a variety of smooth and irregular surfaces.

    Butyl seal tape is elastic, smooth and corrosion resistant, it has good waterproof performance, which can stops leak effectively.

    Size: 3 Meter.

  • -29%Limited
    Buy New Small Waist Crystal Table Lamp
    Now Small Waist Crystal Table Lamp Buy Online Original price was: ₨ 3,500.Current price is: ₨ 2,500.

    Now Small Waist Crystal Table Lamp Buy Online

    Three controls available: Our crystal light has USB switch, touch switch and touch remote switch, three switch controls are available to turn on/off and adjust the color.

    Long usage time: We have battery models and plug models of crystal lamps to choose from. Equipped with USB type-C charging port, the battery can work for 12 hours for the minimum brightness and 4 hours for the maximum brightness when fully charged.

    Perfect Decoration: This crystal table lamp creates a romantic feeling and is perfect as a great gift for your partner, family and friends. This USB rechargeable bedside lamp is also very suitable for living room, dining room, study, office, etc.

    Material: acrylic.

    Witching mode: button, touch, remote control.

  • -14%LimitedSold Out
    Buy New Flame heater household portable
    Flame heater household portable Original price was: ₨ 2,550.Current price is: ₨ 2,200.

    Flame heater household portable

    Electric Flame Heater with it’s radiating flame effect is the ideal way to heat your bedroom or small office quickly and easily, it also could be use as a decoration with flame effect light.

    This heater can be instantly heated in three seconds, quickly heats the surrounding air and creates a gentle, hot air.

    The built-in thermostat will automatically hold the temperature around the heater.

    Out of stock

  • -29%Limited
    Buy New Silicone Pastry Mat Non Stick
    Buy New Silicone Pastry Mat Non Stick
    Buy New Silicone Pastry Mat Non Stick. Original price was: ₨ 1,550.Current price is: ₨ 1,100.

    Material  Silicone

    Color  Pink and Blue

    Shape  Rectangular


  • Scarf Rack 5-Layer  500

    5 Layers Clothes Hanger Multi-Layer Scarf


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