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  • Multipurpose Hammer Chopper  1,980

    Discover the HarMaalWala Store 4-in-1 Electric Veg Cutter! Shop online for this sleek, USB-rechargeable gadget. Slice, chop, peel, and clean effortlessly. Compact, lightweight, and stylish in green. Say goodbye to meal prep hassles. Get yours now.

    Here are some key details:

    – Made of ABS, PP, AS, PC, and stainless steel.

    – Lightweight at 540 grams.

    – Comes in a stylish green color.

    – Runs on a 40W motor.

    – Compact size: 20.5 × 9.5 × 8 cm (8.1 × 3.7 × 3.2 inches).

  • 2-1 Dumpling Maker Mould  825

    Check out the ‘2 in 1 Samosa Maker’ at HarMaalWala store. It simplifies samosa making. Just add dough and fillings, close the tool, and it shapes and seals. Safe, compact, and perfect for home samosas. Shop online now

  • Water bottle with ice cube compartment  529

    Discover a sleek, slender 650ml water bottle at HarMaalWala store – perfect for both online shopping and their online store. It’s spill-proof, safe (no harmful materials), and BPA-free for your well-being. Lightweight and portable, ideal for the gym, outdoor fun, or everyday use. Simple to clean and versatile for workouts, jogging, or office use.

  • Stainless steel electric kettle for kitchen  2,699

    HarMaalWala store’s online shop has speedy electric kettles. They’re faster than normal kettles or microwaves. Perfect for summer when you don’t want to use the stove.

    • Holds 2 liters of water
    • Strong steel heating element
    • Easy on/off button
    • Auto stops steam
    • Secure lid lock
    • Shuts off without water

  • 4 Section spice container with 4 spoons  450

    Here’s a simplified description for the Storage Jar available at the Harmaalwala online store:

    Get a handy Storage Jar from Harmaalwala online shop. What you’ll get:

    – 1 Spice Box for 4 portions
    – Made from Polypropylene (PP)
    – Color chosen randomly
    – Size: 14cm x 14cm x 8cm
    – Two design options: Plastic or Acrylic (spoons not included)

  • Vegetable chopper with multiple functions  2,250

    Completely new and of excellent quality, this rotary vegetable grater is:

    – User-friendly, ensuring safety and dependability.
    – Essential and indispensable in any kitchen.

    Product Details:
    – Type: Brand-New Rotary Vegetable Grater
    – Construction: Crafted from PP & Stainless Steel
    – Ideal for: Vegetables, Fruits, and more
    – Weight: Approximately 900 grams
    – Package Content: 1 x Brand-New Rotary Vegetable Grater

  • Kitchen faucet extender sprayer head  780
    A water jet can tackle any issue, whether it’s in the bathroom or the kitchen!

    The sink faucet is too short, making it difficult to shampoo your hair because you have to move around a lot, and water splashes everywhere. Additionally, in the kitchen, when you need to wash large pots, the floor gets wet because the water pressure is too strong. However, now there’s a solution called Water-Jet, a clever faucet. You can easily adjust it to your liking and instantly control the water pressure. Install it in both your kitchen and bathroom, and you won’t need to clean up water spills anymore.

  • Portable plastic cartoon design water cup  1,080

    Product Name: Foldable Rinse Cup

    Material: Made from really good stuff

    Color: Comes in blue, yellow, or pink

    Style: Looks modern and easy

    For: Anyone can use it

    3 piece

  • Manual Ice crusher machine  1,999

    Create homemade Gola with Manual Ice Crusher Machine

    Key Features:

    • The manual ice crusher equipment is constructed with safe and high-quality plastic material, along with stainless steel blades.
    • Operating it is a breeze – just twist the top.
    • It’s a safe and electricity-free option.
    • Material: Plastic
    • Blade Material: Stainless steel
    • Highly recommended for you.”
  • -13%Limited
    Electric automatic cotton candy maker Original price was: ₨ 11,500.Current price is: ₨ 10,000.

    Electric Automatic Cotton Candy Maker – the sweetest addition to your home or event! Create fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth cotton candy with ease and watch the smiles light up on everyone’s faces.

  • HELLO master frosted glass water bottle 480ml  2,499

    Elevate your hydration experience with our sleek and modern HELLO Frosted Glass Water Bottle, designed to seamlessly blend functionality with elegance.

  • Set of vacuum flask Gift pack bottle  2,600

    This thoughtfully curated set is designed to elevate your everyday experiences, whether you’re on the go, at the office, or embarking on outdoor adventures.

  • Set of 6pcs Transparent Spice Jars with Colorful Lids  1,500

    Product Material: Polypropylene (PP) and Polystyrene (PS)
    Product Dimensions: 170mm x 98mm x 56mm (overall) and 98mm x 56mm x 24mm (smaller size)
    Weight: 400g (Package weight)
    Colors Available: Multicolor
    Number of Holes: 7 Small Holes (3.3mm) and 3 Large Holes (13mm)

  • A rotating spice container with four colorful layers for kitchen storage  999

    Dimensions: 12.2 x 26 cm
    The color of the stock is determined by the latest production and cannot be chosen.
    This is a set of unique kitchen spices, consisting of 4 stacks that can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing for easy access to herbs when needed.

  • Manual Meat Mincer Multifunction Machine  4,425

    The Manual Meat Mincer Multifunction Machine, also known as a Keema Machine, is a versatile kitchen tool designed for chopping and cutting various ingredients.

  • Large moisture-proof 3-in-1 jar with 3 compartments for food storage.  1,249

    the Multi-Purpose 3-in-1 Jar, the ultimate solution for your kitchen storage needs. This innovative jar is designed to provide maximum convenience and versatility, combining three essential functionalities into one compact and space-saving container.

  • Hangable ball-shaped tea infuser for the home kitchen  400

    The Loose Tea Leaf Spice Hangable Stainless Steel Home Kitchen Accessories Mesh Filter Strainer Ball Shape Tea Infuser is a kitchen tool designed to infuse loose tea leaves or spices into hot water, allowing for easy brewing and extraction of flavors.

  • Kitchen Food Chopper hand Machine with Multiple Functions  1,999

    The Multifunction Kitchen Food Chopper Machine is a versatile and convenient tool designed to simplify your food preparation tasks. With its efficient hand-pull mechanism and speedy chopping action, it allows you to quickly and effortlessly chop a variety of ingredients.

  • Stainless steel-bladed multifunctional manual food chopper  2,032

    Whether you need to chop vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, or even boneless meats, this versatile tool is up to the task.

    Cleaning is a breeze with our food chopper. Simply detach the blades and wash them by hand or in the dishwasher, ensuring quick and effortless maintenance.

  • Multifaceted kitchen storage rack  2,849

    The multipurpose kitchen storage rack is a versatile and practical solution for organizing and optimizing space in the kitchen.

  • Stainless Steel Frying Shovel Clip - a versatile 2-in-1 kitchen tool  600

    Kitchen tools, such as barbecue tongs, fried fish tongs, and steak tongs, made from stainless steel.

  • Rubik Dish Drying Rack, 2 Tier Stainless Steel Dish Rack with Utensil Holder  6,749

    The Rubik Dish Drying Rack offers ample space for drying your dishes, glasses, and utensils. The upper tier features a dedicated glass and cup holder, ensuring safe and secure drying for your delicate glassware. The lower tier provides a spacious area for plates, bowls, and larger items.

  • Set of 6 cooking spoon utensils non-stick.  999

    Upgrade your cooking experience with our set of 6 non-stick cooking spoon utensils. From stirring soups to serving spaghetti, these spoons are your reliable companions in the kitchen, ensuring effortless cooking and delightful results every time.

  • 17-piece Non-Stick Cookware Set  11,699
    • Cooking Pot (2 Pcs)
    • Cooking Pot Lid (2 Pcs)
    • Cooking Spoon (6 Pcs)
    • Cooking Wok (1 Pc)
    • Cooking Wok Lid (1 Pc)
    • Frying Pan (1 Pc)
    • Tawa (1Pc)
    • Apron (1Pc)
    • Gloves (1Pc)
    • Easy to Clean
    • Food Grade Aluminum Body
    • Heat Resistant Bakelite Handles For Easy Grip
  • Compact kitchen tool for shredding, grating, and slicing vegetables with ease.  1,850

    The grating function of this tool allows you to grate a variety of ingredients, such as cheese, chocolate, or citrus zest. It ensures consistent and fine grating results, adding delightful flavors and textures to your culinary creations.


  • Durable meat cleaver with stainless steel blade and wooden handle.  2,349

    The Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Meat Cleaver with a Solid Wood Handle is a premium kitchen tool designed for professional chefs and home cooks who value durability, precision, and comfort. This meat cleaver is crafted with high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting performance and optimal cutting results.

    The blade of the meat cleaver is made from stainless steel, known for its exceptional strength, corrosion resistance, and ability to maintain sharpness over time. This ensures that the cleaver can effortlessly handle tough cuts of meat, poultry, and bones with ease. The heavy-duty construction of the blade allows for precise, clean cuts, making it an essential tool for butchers, chefs, and anyone who enjoys preparing meat dishes.

    To provide a comfortable and secure grip, the meat cleaver features a solid wood handle. The handle is carefully shaped and polished to fit comfortably in your hand, reducing the risk of slippage and enhancing control during use. The natural wood material adds an elegant touch to the overall design while offering excellent durability.

    This meat cleaver is not only suitable for professional kitchens but also ideal for home use. Whether you’re preparing a family dinner or hosting a barbecue party, this versatile tool will become your go-to companion for all your meat-cutting needs. From slicing through large cuts of beef to chopping poultry or even crushing garlic cloves, this meat cleaver offers the versatility and strength required to tackle any task.

  • Double-sided wooden meat tenderizer mallet for marinating and prepping meat  570

    Product details of Double-sided wooden meat tenderizer mallet for marinating and prepping meat.

    【Superior Quality】Crafted from a combination of wood and aluminum alloy heads, the meat hammer is highly durable, ensuring dependable performance and prolonged usage.
    【Dual Functionality】 Featuring a mallet-style design on both sides, this tool is versatile in its applications. Utilize the flat side to flatten meat or employ the textured side to tenderize it, resulting in tender and succulent steaks when cooked, providing you with great convenience.

  • 6 Piece Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set of the Highest Quality  3,500

    The 6-in-1 Kitchen Bundle includes three knives, one kitchen scissor, one Koch Messer, and one chopping board.

  • Wooden-based meat cutting knives with a cutter  2,000

    The combination of the wooden handle, sharp cutting blade, and integrated cutter makes this knife an ideal choice for professional chefs, butcheries. The wooden part of knife adds a touch of elegance and warmth to the overall design while ensuring a comfortable. With its versatility and precision, the knife simplifies the process of meat preparation and enhances the overall cooking experience.

  • Multi-Color LED Ice Cubes 6 pc  2,600

    Multi-Color Led Ice Cubes

    Material: food grade material + LED light

    Switch mode: liquid induction, light up when touched by water

    How to use: Put the light-emitting ice cubes into the water cleanly, it will automatically shine; after use, wipe it dry with a cloth and place it in a dry place for next use.

    6pcs, single color is long light mode, RGB is blinking mode.

    It can be placed in all kinds of drinks to add a romantic and mysterious atmosphere. Widely used in various festive events or hotel bars and other places.

  • Multifunctional Electric Pill Crusher Grinder  2,850

    Electric Pill Crusher Grinder for Small or Large Pills

    Color – Purple

    Material – Stainless Steel

    Recommended Uses For Product – Grinding

  • Watermelon Cutter Convenient Kitchen accessories Cutting Tools  1,950

    Watermelon Peelers & Slicers Multi-function Tools

    Material – Stainless Steel, Plastic

    Color – Green

    Blade material – Plastic

    Blade shape – Round


  • Creative Silicone Spatula  1,200

    Creative Heat Silicone Wok Spatula

    Non stick and food grade silicone.

    Dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

    One-piece and seamless design.

    Non stick and food grade silicone.

    Dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

    One-piece and seamless design.

    Heat-resistant up 500℉.

    Solid steel core.

    Flexible silicone head design.

  • Manual Dicer Vegetable Cutter 5 in 1 Online Buy  1,699

    Manual Dicer Vegetable Cutter 5 in 1

    Nice Gift : Perfect as gift for cooking lover, friends and mom in kitchen.

    Cooking – holiday New Year dinner party, outdoor indoor party cooking.

    Blade Material – Stainless Steel, Metal, Plastic.

    Operation Mode – Manual.



    1 LARGE

    1 SMALL

    This cover not only works perfect for outdoor party, camping, cooking activities, BBQ, picnic or home kitchen on bowls, plates, utensils, any opened drinks, snack and fruit but it also keeps salads cool and hot food warmer for longer.

    Inside the thicker aluminum foil, outer waterproof material, convenient insulation Bigger thicker design, circular foldable, foldable design, storage does not account for space.

  • Amazing 3 in 1 Kitchen Gadget  899

    Amazing 3 in 1 Kitchen Gadget

    The third blade is a Julienne blade that helps in shredding vegetables into thin strips which can be used as a garnish or in salads.

    3 in 1 switchable vegetable and fruit peeler is fairly easy to wash because of its unclip case.

  • New Chocolate Fountain Stainless Steel  10,000

    New Chocolate Fountain Stainless Steel

    The Chocolate Fountain was designed as a replica of the chocolate fountains used by professional caterers at events.

    The Chocolate Fountain is sure to be a popular addition to your next gathering. Guests will fall in love with dipping their treats into the flowing chocolate so they can enjoy their delicious desserts.

    Tier Chocolate Fondue Fountain carries melted white or brown chocolate from the base to the top of the tower.

  • -27%Limited
    Buy New Water Heater Faucet Tap Hot
    Buy New Water Heater Faucet Tap Hot
    Tank-less Electric Hot Tap Water Original price was: ₨ 5,500.Current price is: ₨ 4,000.

    Tank-less Electric Hot Tap Water

    Faucet Hot Water Tap Instant Heating Electric Water Heater Faucet Tap Kitchen Bathroom Digital Display || ABS Body- Shock Proof || Electric Saving Energy Saver ,Electric Water Tap, Water Heater, Water Geezer.

    Your hands won’t feel cold when washing dishes or doing the laundry. Of course, washing your face and brushing your teeth with warm water every morning are great enjoyments.

    Polished, Installation Type: Deck Mounted, Number of Handles: Single Handle With Display: The display will real-time display.

  • -20%Limited
    Buy New Mug Coffee Cup
    Standard Self Stirring Mug Coffee Cup Original price was: ₨ 1,500.Current price is: ₨ 1,200.

    Standard Self Stirring Mug Coffee Cup

    A premium quality fluid motor works promptly upon the press of a button.

    Our stainless coffee mug can be used as a normal cup for drinking if you do not need stirring function. It’s also easy to wash, but do not use a dishwasher or clean by full soaking.

    Easy Operation While this mug looks great on any kitchen counter board or coffee table, its essence is to make work easier. More than the typical self-stirring coffee mug.

    More than the typical self-stirring coffee mug, this kitchen accessory works in an easy, convenient way.

  • -18%LimitedSold Out
    Buy New Deer Ceramic Coffee Mug with Lid
    Buy New Deer Ceramic Coffee Mug with Lid
    Modern Deer Ceramic Coffee Mug with Lid Original price was: ₨ 1,400.Current price is: ₨ 1,150.

    Modern Deer Ceramic Coffee Mug with Lid

    Material: Ceramic.

    Ceramic Type: Porcelain

    Type: Coffee Mugs.

    With Lid Specification: 1

    Drinkware Type: Mugs.

    Out of stock

  • Buy New Olive Oil Dispenser with Dripless Spout.  1,499

    Kitchen oil dispenser bottle is anti-drip to prevent oil leakage, keeping the jar clean and dry.

    The oil bottle sealing ring is made of raw silica getting safe, tasteless, soft and delicate, better sealing.

    There is a small spout on the oil distributor, the oil column is more concentrated, prevents oil leakage. oil outlet crimp design, no suspension oil.

    Oil distributor easy to clean and wear resistant.

    convenient for holding everything from soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and olive. perfect for use in your kitchen and in restaurants.

  • -23%Limited
    Buy New Egg Cracker
    Buy New Egg Cracker, Egg Separator Cutter. Original price was: ₨ 1,300.Current price is: ₨ 1,000.


    We are confident you will love our EZ Cracker and offer 30 days no questions asked returns, plus a 1-year warranty. Buy with Confidence!

  • -12%Limited
    New 2 in 1 Electric Two Layer Egg Boiler Steamer
    New 2 in 1 Electric Two Layer Egg Boiler Steamer
    New 2 in 1 Electric Two Layer Egg Boiler Steamer. Original price was: ₨ 3,900.Current price is: ₨ 3,450.

    Color   Random

    Material   Plastic, Other

    Is Electric   Yes


  • -24%Limited
    Buy Oven & Cookware Cleaner
    Buy Over & Cookware Cleaner Original price was: ₨ 850.Current price is: ₨ 650.
    Format Powder
    Scent Cardamom
    Specific uses for product Aquarium
    Material features Fast and efficient removal of stainless steel surface super stubborn
    Item volume 5 Cubic Centimeters
    Units 1 count
    Surface recommendation Cookware
    Material type free Steel
    Special features Abrasive


  • -16%Limited
    New Multifunctional Rice Cooker Portable
    Multifunctional Rice Cooker Portable Food Heating Steamer Original price was: ₨ 2,200.Current price is: ₨ 1,850.

    Multifunctional Rice Cooker Portable Food Heating Steamer

    Capacity 1 Liters

    Color Purple

    Material Stainless Steel, Plastic

  • Mug With Cork Bottom Stainless Steel  1,100

    Color: Black
    Material: Stainless Steel
    Occasion: Travel
    Capacity: 10 Ounces

  • Portable Folding Electric Kettle  3,600

    Foldable design: saves space and is convenient to carry
    Food grade silicone materials: Safe, healthy and smell-less

  • Export Quality Chaunsa Mango  1,500 2,000
    • Shipping Starts: From the 15th of June
    • Hand-picked export quality & carbide free mangoes
    • Premium gift box packaging

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