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  • Mirror wall clock with a stylish floral design  1,800
    1. Stunning Floral Design: The clock face features a breathtaking floral pattern, meticulously crafted to add a touch of natural beauty to any room. Whether you hang it in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen, this clock becomes an instant focal point.
    2. Mirrored Finish: The clock’s frame is made of high-quality mirrored glass, which not only adds a contemporary and luxurious touch but also reflects light, making your space appear brighter and more inviting.
  • Clock with a square-shaped mirror design  1,800

    A clock with a square-shaped mirror design is a unique and stylish timepiece that combines functionality with decorative appeal. This clock features a square frame or border made entirely of mirrors, which reflects and amplifies the surrounding space, adding a sense of brightness and depth to any room. The mirror surface is typically smooth and polished, creating a sleek and modern aesthetic.

  • Clock with acrylic fairy design  1,800

    Here are the technical specifications:
    – Material: Acrylic
    – Color: Transparent or varnished in various colors
    – Clock movement: Quartz
    – Required batteries: 1 x AA (not included)
    – Thickness: Ranging from 1mm to 3mm
    – Surface treatments available: Mirror, Acrylic, Foil, Paint
    – Please note that the color in the picture may slightly differ from the actual shade.
    – Custom-made clocks have a production lead time of 7 days.

  • Fairy crystal clear elegance wall clock  1,840

    Acrylic Elegance: Crafted from high-quality acrylic material, our wall clock boasts a sleek and contemporary appearance.

    Enchanting Fairy Design: The centerpiece of this clock is its enchanting fairy motif.

    Precise Quartz Movement: Our Stylish Acrylic Fairy Wall Clock is not just about aesthetics; it’s also about functionality.

    Easy Installation: Hanging this fairy wall clock is a breeze. It comes with a built-in keyhole slot for easy and secure wall mounting, allowing you to showcase it as a focal point in your room.

  • Wall decor diamond shaped  999

    Elevate your home decor with our stunning Diamond Shape Wall Decor Sticker! Crafted with precision and designed to add a touch of elegance and modern flair to any space, this wall sticker is the perfect choice to transform your living room, bedroom, or any room in your home into a work of art.
    16 pcs

  • Sticker Set of Family made of Acrylic  990

    🦋 Wall sticker
    🦋 Two Colors : Silver & Golden
    🦋 Material : Acrylic

    Simple to install and detach without causing harm to the wall texture
    Ideal for embellishing the living area, bedroom, cuisine, and dining space
    Injects a hint of sophistication and contemporary style into your home adornment
    Mirrors light and conjures an impression of expanded roominess

  • Maple Leaf Wall Decal in Clear Acrylic  990

    ▪️Pcs: 20

    ▪️Color : Silver & Golden

    ▪️Material : Acrylic

    ▪️Advance Payment

    ▪️Stock In Hand

    The design features pine leaves and a wall clock pattern, giving your home a fashionable and uncomplicated appearance. It comes in a silver color with a glass-like finish.

    When you purchase this product, you’ll receive a package that includes one set of acrylic wall stickers. Please make sure to read the product description before making your purchase.

  • Glittery Acrylic Wall Decal with Stars  990

    ▪️Pcs: 24
    ▪️Color : Silver & Golden
    ▪️Material : Acrylic
    ▪️Advance Payment
    ▪️Stock In Hand

  • Versace-style reflective acrylic wall sticker  990

    Want to make your living room or bedroom look fancier? Our Golden Border Acrylic Mirror Wall Sticker is just what you need. It’s perfect for people who like to do things themselves and want to make their home look better without spending too much money.

    ▪️Color : Silver & Golden
    ▪️Material : Acrylic
    ▪️Advance Payment

    ▪️Stock In Hand

  • Acrylic wall sticker with Live Love Laugh  990

    🌟 Shiny Shades: Silver and Gold
    🌟 Stuff: Acrylic
    🌟 Pay Ahead of Time
    🌟 We’ve Got It Ready to Go

  • Acrylic blossom wall sticker  990

    Discover your creative side with this product that’s tough, can be used again and again, and is simple to clean and set up. It also comes with a plastic shield to prevent scratches during shipping and installation. We’ve included strong adhesive tape for sticking and an instruction manual to help you use and install it.

  • Acrylic Home Letter Sign Mirror Wall Stickers  990

    Contemporary and chic aesthetics to elevate your home’s interior design. Versatility at its best: Ideal for adorning TV feature walls, sofa backdrops, dining areas, bedrooms, and living spaces.

  • Hearts made of acrylic mirrors  990

    Heart-shaped acrylic mirror wall stickers are available in a set of 18 pieces, offering two color options: silver and golden. These mirror stickers are crafted from acrylic material and are currently in stock. ❤️

  • Butterfly-shaped acrylic mirror  990

    🦋 These wall stickers are available in a set of 24 pieces.
    🦋 The set includes two colors: Silver, and Golden.
    🦋 They are made from Acrylic material.

  • Engraved prayer fridge magnet  720

    Fridge Magnet
    ▪️Each Pack 5 Pcs
    ▪️Colors : Silver & Golden

  • Trendy acrylic wall clock  2,600

    Stylish Acrylic Wall Clock is a contemporary and visually appealing timekeeping accessory that effortlessly combines functionality with aesthetic appeal.

  • Personalized Acrylic Mirror Wall Clock  1,499

    Customized Acrylic Mirror Wall Clock is a stylish and functional home decor piece that seamlessly combines the practicality of a clock with the aesthetic appeal of a decorative mirror.

  • 3D Hexagon Mirror Wall Stickers  1,799
    • Our wall decor decals, designed in a hexagonal shape, are crafted using high-quality acrylic material. They possess excellent durability, are easy to clean, offer strong adhesion, and are resistant to falling off. Created with precise laser cutting techniques, they showcase a beautiful and stylish appearance.

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